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About Us

        Jiangsu SAGA Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. It’s founded in 2003.

        The main products of the company cover singeing machine, scouring range,  mercerizing range, dyeing range, washing range, volume dyeing machine, flash steaming machines and other complete sets of dyeing and finishing equipment, and scouring steamer, reduction steamer, washing tank, efficient padding, baume-control, dynamic filtration systems, water / water heat exchanger etc. unit and auxiliary equipment.

       We have modern factory, the introduction of CNC laser cutting machine, CNC lathes, CNC machining centers, CNC gantry machining center, CNC folding machine, NC punch a series of advanced equipment, the ascension of the whole of manufacturing precision components and products production level.

       Our company in the industry was the first through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, GB / T 22080-2008/ISO/IEC 27001:2005 information safety management system certification; 15 products through the EU CE product safety certification; our company has 28 independent intellectual property rights, the patent technology.

       Excellent corporate culture, professional technical team, rigorous style of work, guaranteed after-sales service, so that "賽格" & "SAGA" has gradually become a dyeing and finishing machinery industry in the international brand.

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